Thursday, October 29, 2009


Procrastination has fueled me to compulsively refresh everything from bloglovin to facebook, the online (uni) blackboard to email... and arriving in my email an array of online newsletters and catalogues, including

I now have an irrational urge to splurge on this baby:

At £28, or rather, in my current financial standing as 'poor uni student', this would not be a wise decision. Plus, I've a tendency to splurge during times of stress and in procrastination, so I'm abstaining. It's much wiser to invest in hair care, plus with the current paypal promotion ($20 cash back to Australian paypal holders when purchasing from a participating overseas retailer), it's much harder to say no. Shiny, happy hair, here I come!

Time to "justify" as a reward by hitting my target deadline of completing Finance revision notes...

P.S. Best scent in the universe? Residual cologne from the loved one that stowed away on your dress...

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