Sunday, October 25, 2009

I've been extremely slack at blogging and, well, every other aspect of my life. Whilst last week I knocked over the last of my assignments, there are two weeks of university left, and less than two weeks until my exams start. Thus, I've not much to update except that all is well, and to share this with you.

Simple, but striking and effective. This ad is sitting on the remains of a wall that faces my university's library. I was waiting for the lights to change with my coffee in hand, sleep-deprived and worried I'd not make my presentation in time, but this made me forget everything.

I think its sad though, that this ad, whilst extremely effective in its realistic approach, uses real shoes and real jeans that could find a better use on a real little boy. Or perhaps my choice of 'better' can be debated as there is no doubt that this ad is not effective. I just hope that it does not just shock, but also motivates people into action.

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