Saturday, October 31, 2009


I am without inspiration regarding blog layout, or rather, headers, so make do with my temporary anti-header. What I'd really love is to make some cute baby/mini cakes myself and to use them. However, exams are looming ever closer so that will just have to wait.

This conveniently leads me to my current flight of fancy - sweets. My apathy towards business and my love for communications/culture/cantopop has me forsaking a day of study in favour of finally following through on my open invitation to communications tutorial. The topic will be Cantopop, so how could I say no? I've been waiting for this since the beginning of this year! Sadly, it will also be the last time it will be taught due to the new degree structure eliminating this subject...

My anticipation is such that the other night I dreamed I'd accidentally missed it! I was so distraught, being 20 minutes late for the tutorial after having an intense conversation with a like-minded individual about communications, that I'd ignored a security guard, which ended up with him having to interrupt tutorial after I'd finally made it there.

Not only is it the topic that I'm excited for, but also the company! It will not only be a farewell (to the subject), but also a reunion for me with not only communications and intellectual stimulation, but with friends.

Thus, in celebration (& to show my appreciation), I'm brainstorming what sweet treat to bring in keeping with tradition. I'd much prefer to make something, but again, exam study limits my available time. To keep with tradition, it must be yummy and Asian. Right now I'm deliberating which China Town bakery to endorse (I'm leaning towards Savoy or St Honores for some Taro & Green Tea goodies), and perhaps dropping by Thai Kee IGA (Market City) to pick up a packet of Asian sweets...

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