Thursday, May 26, 2011

Search for the Perfect Water Bottle

Since last year I've been searching for the perfect water bottle, after learning about the hazards of using plastic water bottles. My family is the type that would just re-use plastic bottles and that's a no-no. Since then we've resorted to using glass bottles, which is fine for home use, but not convenient for going out.

I purchased a Cheeki stainless steel bottle, but the bulky design in my flat shaped bag made it hard to fit everything in. So I've been searching for a flask shaped water bottle to no avail. Seriously, why is a flat design reserved for alcohol? I'm sure there'd be a much bigger market for flat designed water bottles. It just makes a lot of sense. So much easier to fit in your bag because it doesn't take up as much space. Simple logic!

This week I discovered Add Water. About time someone started using their brains. It's the first bottled water company to think outside the square in Australia (if you're into celebrity news, you'd know already that there are a few companies in the US doing the same thing eg. Paris Hilton and Liquid Salvation). I'm wary of re-using it like any plastic water bottle, although Add Water uses PLA instead of instead of normal plastics made from oil. If you're into convenience bottled water then Add Water is your guy, since it's meant to be 100% renewable and made from plants.

I'm still waiting for re-usable water bottle companies to catch on, but until then Add Water is my best friend.

At the moment retailers for Add Water are quite limited, but you can order off the website (or search for more retailers there), or General Pants Co. sells them for $3.00 a bottle (500ml).

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