Tuesday, June 7, 2011

catching up

Realised I haven't done my obligatory it's-the-end-of-semester-and-I'm-procrastinating-on-final-assignments post, so here it is. A compilation of things I've yet to tell/show you (in no order).

Trying Menya Mappen with W

New kitties ♥

Redyed hair myself!

Got my Jeffrey Campbell Skates

Comfiest heels ever due to the padded sole

Flavoured teas as a study aid

Evidence I went to...

Jurassic Lounge!

Which pretty much sums up my semester. Can't wait for the holidays! I'm the only holding myself up by procrastinating though. As soon as I finished this last assignment I'm done so off I go :)


  1. First and foremost, first comment! & you are the best for updating for me XD (I'm going to shamelessly asssume just for me this blog entry! LOL).

    1. Gorgeous hair color.
    2. Those Skates. Omg, they are exquisite but I will never dare to buy them because I don't dare to try out new designs as bold as that! You are so bold! I noticed you have all sorts of nice shoes!
    3. Took me a few seconds to realise you were in the mouth of the dino. LOLOL.

    Lastly, ILOVEYOU!

  2. Yes it was totally for you! I just didn't want to say so and then not have you read it because then I would feel stupid >.> XD

    1. Thank you! I wanna redye it the same colour again coz I used cheap shampoo and it stripped the red already :(
    2. I couldn't resist! They came back in stock in my size so I bought them as a birthday present to myself >.> Too bad I have nowhere to wear them to :(
    3. LOL <3