Sunday, November 21, 2010


Things I have learnt these past few days:
1. Cityrail will make an effort to track down lost items if you report it
2. I may not be cut out for this Project 365 thing
3. The wor tip and Shanghai buns at New Shanghai in Ashfield are more than delicious!

If you ever see this drink in your Asian supermarket/shop do yourself a favour and grab yourself a can! It's ahhh-mazing! D actually had a sip before I did and made some sort of exclamation that I can't seem to remember and I was like "Whaaa-whaaat? Good? Bad?" But no, it's craaazy good! Why? It's like... better than fanta orange soda with these little tiny pieces of orange jelly. Sooooo yummy!

I actually picked it because of the cute orange faces. I noticed the one on the left first, but when I saw the face on the right its fate was sealed.

Notice a resemblance? Apparently I have a penchant for kekeke pervy faced critters.

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