Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's hard to escape the reality of the floods. Even in Sydney, far away from the action news is being broadcast 24/7. My home town was originally threatened by the floods, but luckily (so far) has managed to escape the worst, although neighbouring regions, which fall under the almagated Clarence Valley Council have been hit quite badly.

This morning I was browsing the news for updates and found this article.

PREMIER Kristina Keneally has paid tribute to people living in northern New South Wales who are facing a "significant flood event" with courage and compassion.

She said the people of Grafton, which the premier toured on Wednesday, still have time to ask about flood victims in Queensland.

"There is an extraordinary flood event occurring here and the impact on the community is significant," she said.

"I was struck by the resilience of this community but also their generosity, that in their own time of need their thoughts were turning northwards to what is an unimaginable situation.

All I can say is that I'm extremely proud to have been born there and that everyone is in my thoughts. What makes this extra significant to me is that Grafton has been flooded quite frequently lately, the most recent being twice in 2009. Having encountered such bad luck over and over again in such short periods yet still remaining optimistic and big hearted just speaks multitudes.

I can't help but be reminded by my memories of a(n averted) flood when I was living there. I was in primary school and it was a normal day until the flood warnings came on the radio repeatedly. The tension and waiting was horrible. Seeing the water everywhere and hoping that the levee wall would not be breached was terrifying. We chose to not evacuate so it was nerve-wracking waiting for my dad to come home from work. I remember the playground of my primary school afterwards. The smell was so horrible!

All the best to the QLDers and NSWers who are affected.

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