Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm back... with food!

It seems all I ever do is go on announced/unacknowledged hiatuses and post about food, but I'm back (with food) so put on a happy face!


Today is my brother's birthday (Happy Birthday, bro!) and when asked what kind of cake he wanted me to make him he said, "apple pie". So yes, technically not a cake, but still delicious so who cares? I take it as a compliment that he likes my apple pie that much.

Horribly blurry, but nonetheless delicious, innards

It was actually my first time making a real pie, since I usually just make very time consuming, rustic, hand pies. I guess I need more practice since I didn't really plan it out so the edges didn't really join the top properly, but whatever. I also baked pandan and coconut chiffon cupcakes on the weekend, but didn't get around to taking any photos :(

One day I'll try and share why food is so important to me.

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