Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today was one of those days. Can't say it was horrible, but it could've been better, although I'm aware that it could've been worse. Let's remind myself that I'm a believer of things happening for a reason, and so I guess today was an okay day.

This wasn't written to get anyone down in the dumps, but to show you whyyyyy I feel like online shopping all of my savings away hahaha

I WISHHHHHH!!! ♥ Going through a BIG shoe phase ♥

Make up phase too, in attempts to make up for my dismal collection. I own zero lipsticks. I also need more brushes. MOOOREEEEEE. Oh yeah, I've been itching for some gunmetal nail polish something hard for ages now.

I'd also love to be snuggling on the couch watching subbed episodes of Down with Love, popping the occasional Lindt chocolate ball, and playing Hotel City and Phoenix Wright in the breaks.

Instead I'll just have to settle for this.

Hot Milo (made with a Big Spoon coz you can't be wussy with Milo) ♥ & my bro's Pocky hahaha

Note the Dragon zodiac mug. At one stage my entire family had one of their own sign. My mum's and bro's have gone MIA, and I tend to steal my dad's (he doesn't use it) because he shares the same zodiac as D ♥ (YES I AM LAME. LAAAME AND PROUD!)

Here's to a better tomorrow! Bottoms up! ^^b

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