Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cocktail Party & Speaker Event

On Monday night I attended a cocktail party + speaker function event. It was also the launch of a new uni program. Most of all, I was excited to see the girls again, as it's so hard these days to get most of us (let alone all!) together.

Sarah & Kat

We'd planned to get a group shot of us all together, however everyone seemed so into mingling and networking I felt rude to interrupt... One of the event photographers did approach us though and took no less than four shots, which was kind of amusing. I hope to track the photos down!

Myself & Fee

I was a little weary having been at uni since 9am, and I know some of the others had similar situations, but at the same time I had a few fun conversations regarding looks received from people regarding our dress — it isn't easy trying to be casual yet cocktail appropriate!

Jess refreshing herself with complimentary champagne

Whilst it was wonderful catching up with the girls, my expectations of the night were blown away by the following speaker event. Hugh Evans was flown in from England arriving in Sydney at 5am, not that you could tell. I recently had a crash course in rhetoric and the examples we focused on were Martin Luther King and President Obama and now I feel that I know — I've experienced a great rhetor. Kat, Sarah and I had a discussion afterwards admitting that we'd all been fighting back tears at one point or another thinking we'd been the only ones!

To keep this so overly simplified, but short and sweet:
I'm so inspired to continue going for my dreams because in doing this I can be the change that I want to see.

Thank you, Hugh Evans.


  1. im so sorry about the group photo!
    and everyone went into the hall in a rush - i was trying to look out to where u girls were sitting - i also stayed back a bit after the speech ended but i only saw sarah and amanda (who were i think in a hurry to get to the station)
    im so sorry i wasn't with u much ):
    please forgive me!

  2. ps i was fighting back tears too! but i was sitting next to a couple of tough looking guys ahhaha so i managed not to shed them

  3. can u send me the pic of us to my email - i like it <3
    hahaha sorry for the spam