Friday, April 16, 2010

Return of the Kitties

You've probably realised from the cat-related posts (see: Meow/Kitty Beanie & Kitties Hug Picture/Silly Stories) that I have a penchant of cats. This is far from a secret.

Yesterday, my bro asked me if I wanted to watch a short movie about a cat. I asked him if it was cute. He dodged the question by muttering some reply I can't remember. Having a feeling I'd regret it, I agreed to watch it. The short film is called, The Cat with Hands and is directed by Robert Morgan.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a scaredy cat (not that I want anything to do with cats after that film), and it's almost midnight, I'm sleep deprived, and this equals a very irrational me. One night D told me that there was a monster outside my window and I screamed at him (okay, the msn caps locks equivalent, but whatever) and forced him to retract that statement/make it go away even though he explained it was the friendly monster from the bed time story he'd just told me. So it should be no surprise to you that after I watched this I clung to my younger brother giving him forceful hugs, and that I will be avoiding this blog entry in future!

The point of this though is that I'm still a cat lover. I maintain that whatever it was depicted in that short film is not a cat and have already begun blocking it out of my mind (although it is a wonderfully creative piece).

Kitties will, and always be, cute, fluffy companions that frolic happily and purr contentedly against my heart, which is totally why this item of Kitty clothing Will. Be. Mine.

Now I'm off to continue badgering D to get a kitty...


  1. Maybe don't show him this video if you want to convince him to get a kitty? XD. Not that I watched, because just the freeze frame the vid has creeps me out. D: But the shirt is cute! GET IIIIT.

  2. Oh My GOSH! That was creepy!!! But, what a fantastic short film! I think I might have to show people in class >.>

    Lucky I saw CATS the musical before I saw this... otherwise I would have been immensely frightened!

    Also, miss you a lot!!