Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Meant to update today because I had things to say, like how I was a good girl and took my brother shopping today without making any major purchases (underwear is an essential!), and how I'm a little OCD about being organised. Well, actually I am updating and telling you these things, but I'd planned to be witty and turn it into actual content.

Instead I'm just going to showcase my main organisational system for 2010.

Top: Not pretty $3 Wall Planner. Bought to match the one I gave the boy spontaneously. Cool feature is that it uses stickers as a symbol to indicate an event/whatever.
Bottom Left: My tiny 2010 Diary with card to emphasize size. Really didn't plan on having one that small...
Bottom Right: Shiny star stickers to use to indicate my every day small achievements. Yay reward!

Tomorrow I'm hitting the shops once again, but not seriously as it's just groceries and Kmart. I'm to make trifle to serve to diners on New Years Eve, but I've run out on ingredients and also need to find some nice bowls to present it in. Hopefully Kmart's sale will help me there. 40% off bakeware (—I'm finally getting those shaped cupcake trays {see below} and a biscuit tray courtesy of my brother re: belated-Christmas), so I'm assuming there'll be something in kitchenware too. I'll also be baking banana cake again as the bananas are perfectly overripe for such an occasion, so a chance to showcase the results of my new bakeware on the blog perhaps?

Most importantly, I'm starting the hunt for the perfect (or closest to perfect) organisational tools for when uni goes back. I start in March — ages away, I know — but I'm restless even now. I need to be prepared and thus get this situation under control as best as I can right now. Supposedly off topic, I'm really feeling the colour shade white right now. It's just so classic/gorgeously fresh and clean, at least when done properly. I guess it's because I'm still lemming this Kikki K diary (see below), which is not only out of stock, but also way past my budget, not to mention the facts that I'm horribly messy and already have my 2010 diary.

Back on topic, the goal of tomorrow is to find the perfect filing transport system for my uni notes. Taking three subjects next semester, so want something that will ensure my papers aren't crushed/ripped/dirtied, easily accessible, separated by subject, hopefully not requiring a hole puncher, not of a size bigger than a4 or as thick as a binder, and able to fit up to ~80 sheets in total. Does such a thing exist? The only thing I can think of is to get three a4 clipboards with an inside pocket, so I guess that's my last resort...

Wow, I guess I lied, and I didn't even get to ramble on about how my Gmarket (Korea based online shopping site) is totally over $300... In my defence, that includes shipping and that's 22 items! Okay, I know, I'm working on culling it... C'mon under $300! I'm so dead.

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