Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tweeted already, but I'm still somewhat amazed. I ask what kind of sound toast makes, out of the blue, and he knows exactly why I'm asking such an odd question. Just like that. My face is set on high beam - silly grin.

Sweeeet! Just like a white chocolate toblerone... mmmm ♥

I've not told anyone yet, besides the Boy, obviously, and two friends, but writing a children's book is now on my List of Things To Do In Life (LoTTDIL, 'coz I can). When I announced this randomly to the former, he was surprised at my having such a list, and whilst is true that I do, until know it's only existed in my head, thus leaving too much leverage. These aren't exactly goals, but things I want to have a chance at doing for fun, so I thought I'd start cataloging them here. So, for formality's sake, off the top of my head, my list thus far:

1. Attain a kitten
2. Attain a puppy (& force 1. to befriend 2.!)
3. Write (and attempt to illustrate) a Children's Book
4. Learn how to dance (?)
5. Learn the drums

On the topic of Books and Things To Do, inspired by Up, I've convinced the boy to make a My Adventure Book with me. There's also a post I'd like to do on Up and 500 Days of Summer that I'll hopefully get to one day... I even have dot points jotted down so to not make that post would be a waste!

Officially, uni restarted (for me) today. In reality, I'll start tomorrow... Three mid sem exam results out and I'm sweet so far, so fingers crossed for the killer exam's result. I'm extra nervous because I was meant to help the Boy with it and I feel like I sort of convinced him to take the subject. I know he wouldn't hold it against me, but I know for a fact we both found it insanely hard, so my fingers are crossed so tight that we'll both manage to pass! I was told on the weekend, that I must learn to enjoy life, which I guess is somewhat refreshing compared to parental lectures in general, so I'm trying to channel that and just let go. Its nice to have lighter shoulders. Who knows, maybe one day they'll turn into wings, and I'll truly be above it all. ^o~

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