Monday, November 2, 2009


I mentioned in my last post my tendency to splurge come exam/assignment time. Here's the damage...

Kini Bikini Miami Knit in Black

Can you believe it took me almost an hour to make this purchase — twenty or so of those minutes spent discussing colours with the boy!? At various stages I had all three of the different coloured versions in my cart. Curse the no try on facilities of online shopping! I've always been horrible at visualising. Add in the fact I can't go wrong with black, white or red...

Red was the boy's pick. You know he's something special when he signs online after he gets your text asking his opinion which colour bikini to get. Unfortunately, whilst appearing red on the website (or at least on the boy's and mine), it said 'coral' in the listing, and after researching that coral and red did exist in the available designs (in general, not in the particular site's available stock), we decided not to take the risk.

Wow, two rather large paragraphs on choosing swimwear colour. What has become of me?

Keeping with the girly feel I present:

Tsumori Chisato for Shu Uemura

I have a major soft spot for cats. They bring the cutness factor for me! This range is also inspired by Le Petit Prince, which also has a special place in my heart so it's only natural that I lust! Whilst the above highlighter pact is my favourite, I'd have a more practical use for the below palette being shades I'd use all the time, although it looks a little shimmery for my liking...? Oh well, it's not like it's in my price range anyway at $69 and $130 a pop respectively.

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