Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hahahaha! I lied >.< I've accomplished barely anything on my To Do List and even taken steps backwards, thanks to losing my Cursed usb. This usb has been deleted entirely of its contents (including my study notes on entire subjects prior to exams and completed drafts of assignments!), been through the wash (with the same contents) and survived, yet I still haven't gotten the message to back up my work until now. *head desk* Good bye first three pages of Accounting Assignment.

On to the happy, yesterday I had a very rare night off work, and spent it lounging around at the boy's house before we hit the movies to see Up in 3D! It was awesome as we got the new cool looking plastic 3D glasses as opposed to the old cardboard red-blue ones and they didn't fall off my non-existent Asian nose! Too bad I didn't snap a pic — perhaps I'll shoot one later. We ate a massive amount of popcorn and finished the night with Bananarama Easy Way ^o~

Note the glasses are too big for my no nose and head...

Up was wonderful and I highly recommend you to go see it if you haven't already! One of my friends had tweeted saying that it had her in tears a lot more than she thought, and I was so intrigued as the boy and I had thought it was just a family comedy type. I was so close to wiki-ing the plot! Anyway, now I completely understand and regret donning mascara... thank goodness for those 3D glasses!

Today I hung out with the family, or rather my parents since my brother has exams, and we went to a Campbells Cash and Carry — a wholesaler — then out to an early lunch. I love going to Campbells and exploring the candy and chocolate selection *G* Sadly I left emptyhanded, unless you could the gigantic jar of honey mustard sauce ♥, since I'm indecisive and the variety left me overwhelmed... Again, sadly, whilst lunch was a nice outing, it left a lot to be desired in terms of taste. Would never recommend that restaurant again. Or the bakery. Eww.

Must stop dreading and do: Email!!!, Accounting Assignment, Get off butt, HSBC info, Clean room, Find shorts

Looking forward to: Tomorrow, Friday with the girls, happy snaps!, epic fruit smoothies tonight, attempt to bake soft Japanese cheesecake

Must: Somehow con boy into photos!

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