Saturday, March 13, 2010


Newly appointed sickling feels disgusting and gross. Apparently two naps doesn't happen, or at least makes me feel more icky. Most probably because I've done nothing today but consume things and sleep. Complained on my twitter, after chasing down the unread blog count of my bloglovin, that I want new clothes to feel pretty. Why do all my habits drive my consumerism? Decided to fend that off by checking the status of my most recent Gmarket order — recent being paid for on the 1st of March.

The Bad

KLJGSRKLG!!54N3O5R39#@^%$ds I want my pretty new things now, kthx! The weather is suiting my purchases too and I'm feeling boring wearing the same things over and over again.

The Good? Luxirare now has a spiffy task bar complete with games on her blog! Why yes, I am an easily amused sickling. Since I'm feeling too icky to do readings I need to find amusement somehow. Pity work is in 19 minutes... Also, note the coinkydink? The post I'd chosen to read first in my catch up has her using screen shots too!

Yes, yes, double post. Shush. I want cookies!

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