Saturday, March 13, 2010

my nose is running 'coz it's chasing after yours

My body has finally caved in to (quoting my twitter) "the inevitable-the-world-is-against-my-immune-system obnoxious cold that ~everyone~ has". I'm really not surprised as I've been pretty much surrounded by people with it the past week. Not to mention been in even closer proximity with D who's had it for a week and a half now. He's feeling pretty guilty hahaha So I told him, "My nose is running 'coz it's chasing after yours."

I'm meant to be doing readings and would like a nap (my antibodies apparently require a lot of energy), so a short and sweet wrap up of why this week was awesome.

- Saw 4590254 people, as opposed to the week before in which I was a lonely, old hermit
- Saw Alice in Wonderland, which wasn't that great, but hey, free tickets!
- Spent under $20! excluding transport of course... x.x
- Recovered my ability to write creatively

Okay, well, I guess that's about it. D also got braces this week, but that's not really awesome so I excluded it from the list, but he must look on the bright side. It's apparently fashionable in Thailand! Okay, no, that's terrible. If you actually read the article you'll find out why, but on a related, but unrelated-to-this-sentence kind of note... D looks adorable!

Another not-so-awesome thing about this week? My happy little friend got evicted from UTS. So here's a happy snap in his/her memory.

P.S. More on my writing, Chinese-ness, and perhaps other things, later.

Note to self: Take more photos!!!

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