Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where to start? No more procrastinating, as I need to prepare myself (as well as my home) for CNY, which begins tomorrow! Today is already very special, as it's NYE, and the excitement is building up! The special NY candies are already set out, and my dad has been preparing a feast for tomorrow. I wish I'd taken photos to show the anticipation — last Sunday I was in China Town with my family and there were already lion dancers out and about!

Before I get ahead of myself, let me wrap up the rest of this year.

Awhile ago, D and I went to the Powerhouse Museum. There's an 80s exhibition on, which was pretty cool. In my opinion the best part was the party room, where you'd choose which 80s NYE countdown party you wanted to attend and the room would light up with flashing party lights and music. Too bad D was busy listening to the history of Hip Hop in the 80s, and no one but babies seemed to want to dance...

Part of the 80s exhibition was a gaming section, which of course included Pacman!

D beat me of course, being a gamer, and me being... well, unco. There was also a giant Pacman layout on the carpet, but they were taking it down before we got to take a photo D: Oh well, D did say it wasn't an accurate layout since the entrances/exits didn't line up...

D trying to see how much power he could generate in a fire engine by pedaling... This shot was meant to feature me instead, but the bike was very uncomfortable. It had no seat? and I was wearing a skirt...

We also found out, at a different exhibit, that we generate a lot of electricity together ;D

D removing the background from our photo to be turned into an animation, featuring us!


[I'm trying to upload the two videos I took of our animation films... but photobucket is still being an ass.]

And here's what I thought of the day! d^^b

Actually, that was me in the library — I was trying to master geek chic, but I'm really a nerd as my being in the uni library during the holidays points out... After the Powerhouse Museum, we had our first encounter with 'Hot Pot' at Haymarket Hot Pot as I'd just read a review on grabyourfork the night before. I initially protested as it was menat to be a hot day, but it turned horrible and rainy on us, so D got his way. The staff were lovely, especially considering we both didn't speak Chinese, and the usual attitudes upon hearing that I don't are usually unfavourable to say the least.

Last Thursday, I went on a picnic with my G Family. We hadn't had a proper reunion with everyone together for perhaps over a year? The G Family, for those of you who don't know, are my lovely Communications girls. I adore them so much! Anyway, in my excitement I decided to make something special for the picnic...

Left: Mini Pizza Rolls (really more like bacon and cheese), Right: Mini Cinnamon Buns

Mini Oreo Cheesecakes

Apologies for the crappy photos, but I'd only have these as I'd snapped them quickly with my phone to send off to D. I don't even have any photos from the picnic! I was enjoying myself way too much and forgot! The other girls did take photos though, so as soon as they're up on facebook or whatever I'll steal myself some.

Note to G Family: Thank you, my lovelies!! Am totally missing Kat's gourmet sandwiches, Joey's mini croissants and Mandy's snickerdoodles (which I still maintain should be renamed Cinnamon Cloud Cookies!), as well as our Epic Jenga Battles! P.S. I'd totally love to see photos!

That's enough for now. Hoping to update on my thoughts and feelings on CNY and Valentines Day tomorrow. To all of you, I wish you and your families all the best in the Year of the Tiger, and that Valentines Day reminds you to treasure your loved ones instead of buying into the hype. Lots of love and smiles!

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