Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wonderful Chicken? Sounds like a super hero? More like a super villain...

Today my family went on an outing to Carlingford to get something for my bro's computer. However, apparently the place is closed from the 25th to the 6th, although I swear it said the 4th. Whatever, we're going back on Thursday and apparently I'm to drive there... Eek!

Anyway, we made the most if it and hit the Asian grocery store there and my bro went crazy with chip-buying, so we ended up getting half a dozen packs of Asian chips. I bought two packs of these "Donut Chips" as the packaging was super cute! Once we got home we couldn't wait to try them and opened three packs...

Cutie Donut "Chips"

I was hoping these would be cute little donut biscuits, but I guess my hopes were too high... They tasted alright. A bit like a mix between that Corn Pops cereal and Cheerios, but major disappointment! I'd bought two packs in hopes that they were good and to give The Boy the other packet, even though we're junk food detoxing this month... but they're crap so whatever.

Wonderful Chicken

My bro opened his first packet and we were both excited because c'mon it's wonderful chicken! But no. We were let down greatly. However, I was amused by its nugget-like appearance. Tasted baaad even though it apparently has MSG in it. Pfft! I thought MSG was meant make things taste good?

Fried Chicken

Our third attempt to console our tastebuds after our two disappointments... my bro opens the pack and exclaims, "OH NOOOO! IT'S ANOTHER WONDERFUL CHICKEN!!!" Cue me cracking up for ten minutes straight, then on and off for another fifteen, gasping "wonderful chicken" between breaths. And alas, it was another "wonderful" chicken, in all its artifical chicken nugget wannabe form. Tasted just as horrible too.

So there you have it, Wonderful Chicken is not your friend. We've agreed to chuck these out on the way to work as we don't want to put this crap in our bodies. Ewww!

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