Friday, January 29, 2010

glass cookies tower

Today instead of my planned forage into the art of making chocolate mousse, and perfecting Japanese soft cheesecake, I took a detour into the world of construction.

Towers are wonderful things. Despite my initial impressions of my uni (I recall on my Orientation two years ago that I found it reminiscent of a car park...), I now find myself defending its (deliciously) ugly architectural exterior as a matter of patriotism(?) and pride. We're currently in the process of expanding our campus and there have been many design applications for the new buildings, so here is my little contribution...

Sugared Walnut Cookie Tower

The foundations of this cookie tower remind me strongly of these wonderful boots I came across today.

Glass Wedge Heels by Queens Wardrobe

I imagine these as a gorgeous twist on Cinderella's glass slippers, only less delicate, more modern and edgy. If only I had the money for these beauties. They're leather and handmade to order! New crush? I think yes, despite what my brother says about them looking like ice skates, and jokingly suggesting I could keep fish in them à la The Simpsons.

Sprinkle Cookie Tower

Not only am I attempting to master cookies as a form in general, but I'm also (not-so-)secretly trying to find/recreate this wonderful sugar cookie recipe from preschool. I don't think they ever gave us a copy of the recipe, and nor do I remember it, being a preschooler and all, but what I do remember is that they were perfect! Buttery, sugary, and easy enough for preschoolers to handle. My favourite part was cutting them into shapes and smothering them in sprinkles (note: hundreds and thousands are not sprinkles!). They smelt so good in the oven and well, in general. We'd only get a few to take home to share as there were quite a few of us at the preschool, but I remember treasuring the them. Summing up: they were sooooooo good!

Chocolate Chip Cookies — guest starring chunks of Snickers, Toblerone and Lindt Dark Chocolate — Tower

Smaller in size than last time, as even though my brother thinks bigger is better, he soon discovered I was right (mini is cuter and cuter is better!) when we struggled to pack some of the last batch into his lunch box... I made about 50, I think, so the boy will be happy with his portion.

See the heart? Yeah, that's a little hint. I'm preparing a post full of Valentines ideas, although I'm no means an expert as this is technically my first 'real' one. Never thought I'd be an advocate...

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  1. HIIIIIIIIIIIIII. I just found this blog. I was like HOW COME SAMME ISN'T USING LJ ANYMOREEE. LOL at the cookie stack being on top of the economics textbook :P Sending any subliminal messages there? :P