Thursday, October 1, 2009

Saturday, if I'm correct, it's the Mid-Autumn Festival, and even though its Spring here, my family plan on having its own little celebration. I'll report back afterwards with the details and anything I learn. I'm wanting some of the snow skin mooncakes though, but they're expensive in comparison to normal mooncakes, which are already quite expensive. Hopefully I can catch some on sale when I go back to uni next week, as I'm conveniently located close to China Town.

Back on track, here's my attempt at Japanese Style Soft Cheesecake that I baked last night, which I've decided is my little contribution to the celebrations, as its based on the full moon.

This is actually it upside down because it looks ugly the right way up, but see the resemblence? Please excuse the chipped plate.

Will Pac Man eat the Ghosties? Or will Pac Man be eaten? :O Chomp. Chomp. Chomp!

There are some improvements I want to make to the recipe as I found the amount of lemon juice I used to be overwhelming and some other things, but it was so lovely and soft! I think I'll try some other versions before I try my altered recipe of this again, but if anyone wants it just give me a shout. Mmmm *licks cake crumbs off fingers*

I feel that it should be noted, as every good day should be noted, that today was a good day. I read a post by The Scientress on The Benefits of Hugging a little while ago whilst blog hopping, and seemed to really take comfort in it today. So for the sake of that and the lovely weather today, today was a good day. ♥

Now I blush from accidentally linking the boy to the Benefits of Hugging instead of my makeshift moon cake. Damn you, photobucket. Damn you!

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