Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crazy Ideas

One of my subjects this semester inspires me like no subject has so far in my university degree. It's such an awesome feeling! It's led me to push boundaries and expand my mind. It's led me to Austin Kleon and Keri Smith who are both fantastically creative people! This led me to Thing A Day, which is a creative collaborative blog run every February where the participants have to create something every day! How inspiring is that?!

So, I'm taking the idea and running with it, except I'm being a wimp and making it Thing A Week. Hoping to do it for a year, but if I fail, I'll just start again :P

I already have ideas in my head, so here's a short list in case I run out of ideas.

- Black out poem (a la Austin Kleon who makes amazing ones and sells prints and has a book!)
- Make a book clutch!
- Knit something
- Writing on stuff (part of a bigger project)
- Sketch/draw something!
- Sketch/draw people with the same name as me! (a la Keri Smith, if there are actually people with the same name as me...)
- Baking/cooking counts :D!!
- Bleach hoodie
- Cute little stuffed animal thing
- Comic! (about cats... XD)
- Swede! Or film something
- Cover of a song or something maybe?
- Something ridiculous!
- A mosaic?
- Something with photos

Maybe I'll attempt a Thing A Day when I finish uni, so say December?

Anyone care to join me?


  1. eee! I love how many ideas you have, and hope you get around to doing all of them ^^

    I may join you, depending on my level of laziness come December. :3

  2. How about photo wall, Samme? :D You just inspired me a great deal! I can't stay excited about being creative for more than 2 weeks in a row. Too bad :( And I want to make a book clutch too! :DD