Monday, March 15, 2010

chhh chhh chhh chip-cake?

At the moment, I feel more like I have hayfever than a cold, but whatever that's not really important. What's important?

1. Country Road are apparently bringing back their super popular OTK suede boots in April! Now to attempt to save $300 before then... with no real job. To quote D, "GG".
2. Okay, so there's no number two. There probably was a number two, but I got distracted.
3. New quest this year? To find where I can buy matcha powder in Sydney! I did a google-fu that *gasp* failed! The places in which I'll be exploring (or sending my minions ie. my wonderful parents — don't tell them I called them minions!) are Hurstville and Chinatown 'coz c'monnnnn! (This was probably meant to be number two...)

Today was spent playing around with video cameras at uni, as we're preparing for our assessment where we create a video interview with someone. Wish I had some of our footage as it was hilarious!

For my parents today was spent waiting for our long awaited guests who have again been delayed. They're coming now on Friday. What this means is that there's a huge Japanese style soft cheesecake waiting to be eaten now! And more baking plans for tomorrow! Here's some of the adventures from last night...

I greedily made a double batch, so first out came a dozen in cupcake form, which unfortunately sunk...

Only eleven pictured as my bro snagged one straight away!

A sad, sunken, close-up. I've read bloggers comments that have said it's best to leave it to sit in the oven after it's finished baking with the heat turned off, but as I baked these and the cake at the same time and the cake needed longer, it was an option...

Woe is me!! T^T

The cake!

Whilst this was going on, my brother was experimenting with homemade potato chips.

Here he is arranging them.

Here he is attempting to hide...

He tried the microwave...

The fanforced oven...

The deep fryer... Oh, the perks of being a restaurant baby!

And the results?

Ta da! Okay, a little disappointed? That's because we kept eating the results progressively. I'm a fan of the oven ones, personally. My brother was insistent with the microwave ones, but they were difficult in my opinion. Disappointed because you didn't get to see any fail?

Here you go! Potato chips cooked to perfection, but welded on to baking paper. Good job, microwave man.


  1. i wish i had a restaurant so i can bake/ cook/ have fun!!!!
    i love this post
    and ur bro is cute - i like younger brothers (they remind me of mine!) hahaha i sound like a pedophile

  2. Hahaha at Jess! That's the coolest thing I've read today :)
    Yes Samme, you have deep fryer! That makes my envy you >.<
    NO! I LOVE YOU <3