Sunday, May 3, 2009

Introducing the sexy Holothuroidea!

How I hate graphs. And economics. Booooo! And not the cute kind of boo, like when you're being all cute :3 and trying to scare someone, like Boo in Monsters Inc. (note to self: re-watch Monsters Inc!), but the sad kind, as in "boo, you suck!"

Now for today's culinary foray into the land of azn street cred and impotence cures, let me introduce the humble sea cucumber (See Diagram A).

Diagram A

Fallen in love yet? No? Okay, how about this?

"Sea cucumbers have become the “oyster” of the Chinese market with locals proclaiming the aphrodisiac qualities of the worm-like delicacy. Regarded as the “sexy slugs of the sea”, sea cucumbers are being used in soups, stews and braised dishes in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea and China to steam up kitchens and bedrooms alike! The sausage-shaped echinoderms, which are found on the sea floor worldwide, are also said to
offer excellent medicinal properties."

I'd say that that's one... provocative PR release right there. Good job, Hughes Public Relations. Now, tell me again why I didn't stick with Communications when I could've (with some persuasion) ended up being hired by them to write such saucy writing pieces?

Perhaps because the frugal, practical Azn side of me kicked in and was all like, "Money!! Must provide for family! No time to realise dreams!" So, here I am having a stand off with economics graphs wondering whether I'll give in and seppuku first or it'll have mercy on me and just hurry up and give my brain the final blow already, when I'm kindly offered sea cucumber, thousand year egg and celery soup. I quickly google-fu, and oh the irony(!)—sea cucumber is meant to increase one's longevity.

Not only that, but I'm also informed it's an aphrodisiac. With impeccable timing as always, the boy informs me he's getting ready to leave for Church, whilst I'm stuck here on my lonesome with my aphrodisiac soup.

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